I am in my 40’s and grew up in the city of Toronto.  It was in a small downtown suburb of Leslieville.  Most people called it little Chinatown when I was growing up.  but since then it is called Leslieville,  I grew up with a standard family, of a mother and a father, and siblings.  I considered myself well loved and taken care of.  Only now in later years, who is grateful when you are a little kid.

OldRedHeadI have 2 Brothers- Mark and Raoul, 2 sisters Sherri and Naomi.  I am the middle kid.  I was too young to hang with my groovy big sister and too old to hang with my little siblings.  I always felt a bit out of place. When I wasn’t trying to hang out with my big sister, I was teaching or playing with my younger siblings.  But mostly, I enjoyed being by myself, either reading or drawing something. Daydreaming was my favourite things to do. I loved to make up stories.

I am a mother of three beautiful children, Raisa, Sarah and Devin.  They are the reason I wanted to grow up, to be a Mommie, Now that my job is done, I get to take in the rewards of the wonderful adults they are today.

I love to play on my computer. , I love World of Warcraft. I am currently updating my skills as a computer programmer and learning new and cool things. I love my video games, there is World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and of course, my Facebook game Family Farm.  I also love to paint and draw and do creative things.  I made this blog to share my random thoughts and creative side when the mood suits me.

I love movies, all times, but my favourites are sci-fi and supernatural, life is too real to spend my time, watching it on film… But I think I am so diverse in my interests you can take me to see anything.  smile 🙂

I consider myself very down to earth, I respect my brain  I like that can figure out lots of things on my own, but stubborn to know that if I can’t I will find away, and not give up on myself.  Currently learning how to do blogging, and this is fun.

I am single at the moment May 31, 2015, and dating, the whole process is confusing and difficult.  I understand that I am getting older, and not as young as used to be.  But I feel like a great catch, and I would make anyone a good partner.  I am very loving, and consider myself interesting to hold my own in any relationship, and perhaps enhance someone’s else life.

I hold my family close to me and very they are all very dear to me.  I recently lost my mother in January, and I am still grieving over this great loss, I am finding myself changing how I view the world and who I spend time with it much more import for me now.  My time is precious, and I should treat it as so.

FB_IMG_1449611392348[1]Update: August 15th, 2016 – I am seeing a wonderful man for about 8 months.  I am thrilled that he is intelligent bright and most of all he encourages me to be myself. and puts up with my odd behaviours…  I am a lucky girl.  I am currently working a temp job at the Ministry of Labor …and I am happy.

Update: July 13th, 2017 – I am still Dating Mr Wonderful, I am happy and very much in love.  I haven’t really said it to him, but I am sure he knows.  I sign cards and letters to him, love Rachel. So that counts doesn’t it?.  I am currently unemployed but finished a contract position at the Ministry of Labour in May 2017, I am sure I will be called back, so right now I am upgrading my skills as a computer programming.

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  1. you are a great friend and you are very loved and i myself am very lucky to have such a great friend so what ever you do please don’t change …….

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